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We Can Now Is:

A group of individuals who have been through the everyday struggle of being without the essentials in life such as homelessness, no food, single-parent homes, lack of resources. As the founder of We Can Now I have experienced all of the above, which has motivated me to reach out to our communities with love empathy, and compassion towards those in need. 

What We Can Now Do:

We Can Now service the communities in many ways, from servicing the homeless population with the essentials of life such as water, food, fruits, hygiene, and more. 

We Can Now use the power of positivity and mentorship to influence the brilliant minds of the future through basketball and other activities. We Can Now teach life skills, social skills, leadership, and the determination to overcome any obstacles. Our mentorship and training programs focus on inspiring the youth and combating issues such as depression, bullying, and other negative influences. Together we are stronger. No matter who you are or where your from remember “If I can do it, You can do it, We Can do it!

We Can Now assist families in need of helping hand with the essentials they may need such as groceries, presents for Christmas, helping with an essential bill. 

We Can Now have a department that will be assisting felons with finding opportunities for work in the community which will help them receive a fair shot, as well as a second chance in life as we all so deserve.

With your help and donations, We Can Now service a multitude of families and impact lives to those who have lost faith or need a helping hand.


Our mission is to motivate, encourage, and inspire every individual to reach their highest potential and dreams.  Because We C 🙏 N‼️


To create future leaders and inspire greatness at every level and walk of life.